Celebrating America’s 250th Anniversary with an Unprecedented All-Ohio Movie Series in 2026!

Celebrating America’s 250th Anniversary with an Unprecedented All-Ohio Movie Series in 2026!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Ohio Goes to the Movies™ (OGTTM) – A statewide celebration of movies showcasing Ohioans: actors, directors, writers, composers, locations, and topics, shown in cities and towns across the state. A Signature Event of America 250-Ohio’s celebration, OGTTM will start mid-February and run through May 2026–about 100 days of Ohio movie magic! OGTTM will showcase Ohio’s starring contributions to America’s film industry and movie making.

Ohio Has Been Part of Movies
and Movie Making from the Very Start

Ohio has played a significant role in films from the beginning of movies to the present. In 1891 Thomas Edison of Milan, Ohio invented the Kinetoscope which was the forerunner to the motion picture projector.

On Screen

Actress Lillian Gish of Springfield starred in a silent film in 1912 beginning a career spanning 75 years. Clark Gable of Cadiz was dubbed the King of Hollywood. Dorothy Dandridge of Cleveland, became the first African American actor to be nominated for an Oscar. Latino actor George Chakiris of Norwood won an Oscar as Bernardo in the original West Side Story. Halle Berry of Cleveland was the first African American woman to win the Oscar. Paul Newman of Shaker Heights was a leading man for a generation. Phyllis Diller of Lima was among the first female comedians to be a household name. There are so many other Ohioans who helped make Hollywood—well, Hollywood.

Today we can add to that prestigious list the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Martin Sheen, Halle Berry, Kathryn Hahn, and Beverly D’Angelo. There are so many to recognize and enjoy.


Not only have Ohioans been in front of the camera but they have had lead roles behind-the-camera. Vincente Minnelli went to high school in both Delaware and Columbus and even appeared in a school production of H.M.S. Pinafore and starred in The Fortune Hunter at the Delaware Opera House before going on to direct some of the greatest musical films ever made. Born in Cincinnati, Steven Spielberg is among the greatest directors of all time. Julia Reichert of Yellow Springs won the Oscar for her documentary American Factory.  Henry Mancini of Maple Heights, Ohio is often cited as one of the greatest composers in the history of film, winning four Academy Awards, a Golden Globe, and twenty Grammy Awards.  Animators such as Mark Alan Henn of Dayton, Ohio is one of the most famous American Disney animators and was awarded the prestigious Winsor McCay Award for lifetime achievement in animation.  Cleveland’s Russo Brothers—Joe and Anthony—are famous for their amazing Marvel Cinematic Universe creations.  Superman himself hails from Cleveland, the invention of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

The list goes on and on with incredible talent from Ohio (or with Ohio roots).

Hollywood Legends

Did you know that the legendary Warner Brothers came from Youngstown, Ohio and even Hollywood came about because of an Ohio woman named Daieda Hartell Wilcox Beveridge of Hicksville, Ohio who with her husband purchased 120 acres of land, which they named, and founded as Hollywood, northwest of Los Angeles, California, in 1888 – thus coining the term for a whole American industry!

Coming in 2026

Ohio Goes to the Movies
An Unprecedented All-Ohio Movie Series

Ohio’s vast contribution to the movies will be celebrated through a statewide movie series over 100-days beginning in mid-February and running through May 2026.

Details about the movie series in 2026 will be shared as plans solidify. A calendar of events will be published to help Ohio film goers participate in this unprecedented series. Watch this page for news and updates.
Films will cover many genres from classics to blockbusters to archival/hard-to-find niche films, each will have an important Ohio connection. While Hollywood-made films will be central to OGTTM, other kinds of moving images will be brought back to screens that will broadens and deepen the series.
Ohio’s historic theaters, vintage drive-ins and commercial and art house cinemas and many other settings will have the opportunity to host events with the aim for screenings occurring in all 88 counties.

Local Events Featuring Local Connections

Ohio Goes to the Movies will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Host communities and their theaters will have the opportunity to be creative and celebrate their own movie making heritage. Local events may include pre-film get-togethers, movie-themed food and drink at local restaurants and opportunities for audience members to ask questions and share opinions. The possibilities are endless!

Ohio Goes to the Movie events will highlight local content that will surprise and delight audiences to discover all the rich movie history connected to Ohio and their local community.

Paul Newman and Melvyn Douglas in Hud, 1963

Want to host an
Ohio Goes to the Movies Event?

Ohio Goes to the Movies is looking for venues of all sizes in communities across Ohio to host events in 2026. If we haven’t already reached out to you, please email Molly Kreuzman at [email protected] to learn more.

Film Festivals

2026 is still months away. Between now and then Ohioans and others are encouraged to attend one of our state’s many vital and amazing film festivals.  Some highlight Ohio made films but all are welcoming and give movie goers transformative experiences. 

If you are a new festival or we haven’t reach out to you yet, please contact
Molly Kreuzman
[email protected]

Press Release

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Read our press release to learn more about Ohio Goes to the Movies!

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