America 250-Ohio

Celebrating Ohio’s Contributions
to the U.S. 250th Anniversary in 2026.

The America 250-Ohio Commission is charged with leading Ohio’s celebration of the 250th anniversary of the United States in 2026.

The U.S. will be celebrating its semiquincentennial (that’s 250 years) in 2026 and Ohio is all-in to celebrate “Ohio Style.” We will highlight Ohio and Ohioans’ unique contribution to the U.S. for 250+ years.

Grassroots and Local Involvement​

We’re going to involve all 88 counties to create a statewide celebration and commemoration that is bold, inclusive, educational, and fun.

Multi-Year in Scope

While 2026 will be the pinnacle of the celebration, we are going to kick-off some  activities as soon as 2024. You’ll want to visit this site often to see what is happening near you.

Celebrating Ohio Firsts and Originals

We’ll tell the stories of the many Ohio firsts, like the invention of the airplane to the first person to walk on the moon; to the sacred stories of the Native Americans who were here for thousands of years before Europeans; to the unique regions of the state and amazing natural resources.

Connor Theater, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio

National Museum of the Great Lakes
Toledo, Ohio.

We’re building a list of 250 of
Ohio’s Favorites. We need your help!

Grant Funding for
America 250-Ohio Related Projects.

First Town Days
New Philadelphia, Ohio.

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