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Our Bold Goal: To have at least 250 communities that will be designated as an official AM 250-OH Community, creating hundreds of exciting and engaging opportunities to celebrate and commemorate the 250th anniversary of the U.S. in 2026. 

We are inviting all levels of communities (counties, cities, villages, and townships) from across the state to apply to be an official AM 250-OH Community. This special designation from the AM 250-OH Commission provides an opportunity for local leaders to network, partner, and exchange information with the state commission team.

Benefits of being an America 250-Ohio Community: Communities will receive access to resources like digital toolkits, an online community platform, and regular check-ins with other AM 250-OH Communities, recognition of your participation in AM250-OH celebrations and commemorations as well as the opportunity to develop and grow professionally and personally.  

How it works: Each AM 250-OH Community should designate one to two (1-2) individuals from your governmental organization, plus one (1) member from a local civic, non-profit, or corporate organization to serve as liaisons with the America 250-Ohio staff. Once the entity becomes an AM 250-OH Community, you are encouraged to create a committee involving individuals that represent the different aspects of the community, to help plan activities to celebrate the anniversary. 

The AM 250-OH local liaisons will work closely with the AM 250-OH staff through an assigned staff liaison who will provide information to the community or committee to help them plan and coordinate, make connections, and access resources.  

Steps to Become an AM250-OH Community: 

  1. Designate one individual as the primary contact for the application.
  2. Apply to be an official AM 250-OH Community.
  3. Upon approval of the application, use the AM 250-OH Communities resolution template and present it to the appropriate approving authority for passage.
  4. Pass, sign, and send a digital copy of the AM 250-OH Communities resolution to the AM 250-OH office. 
  5. Within 30 days of passing the resolution begin to form your committee – designate and send the names of (1-2) individuals from the appropriate governmental office and (1) local cultural, civic, or corporate partner who will serve as the AM 250-OH Community liaisons.
  6. Begin to form your AM 250-OH committee – involve all types of organizations and begin the planning process.
  7. An AM 250-OH staff liaison will work with you and your committee to provide information and resources to help you be successful.

Questions or need more information? Contact Taylor Tomu, Community Engagement & Outreach Specialist at [email protected]

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